The following is a listing of unsolicited testimonials received from a few of the very many satisfied users of the POWERbreathe Lung Muscle Exerciser.



“While I do not use the POWERbreathe on a daily basis, I do use it regularly, in particular before exercising. I have found that this spring I have suffered less from seasonal allergies while friends and family have had worse reactions than usual to similar triggers. I have also had to use allergy medication less and the only change in habits has been the use of the POWERbreathe - in short I am very satisfied and have of course recommended it to many people.”


Jon Downing.



“Thanks for checking in with me regarding the POWERbreathe.  I have been using it personally since March---although not consistently.  I do notice that with heavier physical efforts my deep diaphragmatic breathing seems more full and stronger.  My next step is to get into the lab at the university that I teach at and perform some pulmonary function testing both pre and post training.  All in all I am satisfied with the product and its function.” 

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“Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you all that the purchase I made from you was one of the best things I have done for my asthma. My exercises have improved and I do not have the feeling of not being able to breathe freely like I had felt before. And I am also breathing better at night for better sleep. Just wanted to say, you make a good product-Thank You.”

Mr. Buddy Alvarado




"I have been consistently using the POWERbreathe on my training (every morning and before bed) for some time now, and it has assisted my performance particularly with the amount of training I've been doing. I can now notice a huge improvement in my running times. I am just coming off a 9 day training camp, and I had 2 races during that time, a 4th place, and a 5th place which pleased me considering the effort I am putting in. I have noticed a huge improvement as a result of using the POWERbreathe in my competitive triathlon times and I wouldn't want to be without it."

-Felipe Bastos, Triathlete

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“I am a believer in your product.  In fact, just this morning, I was mentally outlining the successful components of my training and racing.  The POWERbreathe Trainer is at the core.”

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“I have to tell you that although it was a bit awkward to learn how to use, I really think that the POWERbreathe benefited both my training and racing. This is the first season (out of a career four) that I haven't been plagued by debilitating abdominal cramps during my runs (the third leg of triathlon racing).  I attribute much of this to the successful use of the POWERbreathe elite model, which has strengthened my entire breathing musculature to the point that fatigue is postponed well beyond the 2-hour window of pro-level Olympic format triathlon."


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Tim Sandfort