Key Benefits


1.      POWERbreathe is a revolutionary, drug free, hand-held INSPIRATORY MUSCLE TRAINER.

2.      Using the tried and tested program of 30 BREATHS TWICE A DAY, POWERbreathe strengthens the inspiratory muscles – the muscles we use to breathe in.

3.      Within a few days, your inspiratory muscles will feel stronger, within 3 weeks you will feel less breathless and within 4 weeks your performance will improve.

4.      It was researched and developed by SPORTS SCIENTISTS at Birmingham University (one of the UK’s leading Human Performance Research Universities) and Loughborough University.

5.      Backed by 10 YEARS OF RESEARCH, POWERbreathe can assist the following conditions:

·         ASTHMA….in randomised, controlled trials on mild/moderate asthmatics, POWERbreathe increased inspiratory muscle strength by a mean of 11% in just 3 weeks

·         DYSPNOEA… a common feature of many disorders. Training of the inspiratory muscles has been demonstrated to reduce exertional dyspnoea

·         CHRONIC OBSTRUCTIVE LUNG DISEASE (COPD)….In randomised, controlled trials, improvements in inspiratory muscle strength of 55% and endurance of 86%

6.      POWERbreathe improves athletic performance….Time trial performance improves in elite rowers and cyclists by as much as 4.6%

7.      In laboratory controlled tests POWERbreathe training has elicited improvements in endurance performance by over 30%

8.   POWERbreathe is certified a Class 1 Medical Device by the European Council Directive.

9.      POWERbreathe is a Millennium Product – awarded by the Design Council.


·         Anyone interested in improving their fitness
·         Asthmatics and those with respiratory disorders
·         Endurance athletes, such as cyclists, runners, triathletes, swimmers
·         Elite and competitive sports people looking for an edge
·         Those recovering from sports injuries or in rehabilitation
Anyone who gets out-of-breath easily