….3 year endorsement deal with GB COXLESS FOUR

The UK’s leading heart rate monitor brand, POLAR, has become ‘THE OFFICIAL HEART RATE MONITORS of the GB COXLESS ROWING FOUR’…..and Inspiratory muscle trainer, POWERbreathe® is ‘USED AND ENDORSED’ by the GB Coxless Four

At the British Indoor Rowing Championships on Sunday 18th Nov, the GB COXLESS ROWING FOUR (Richard Dunn, Steve Williams, Toby Garbett and Ed Coode) signed a 3 year endorsement agreement with Polar heart rate monitors and POWERbreathe®.

The Coxless Four will benefit from top-of-the-range Polar heart rate monitors and Sports Performance POWERbreathe® products to use as integral parts of their training up to the World Championships in 2003 and Olympics in 2004.

  The team will be using the Polar S710, which along with Interval Training, Recovery Rate, Calorie Consumption, Predicted maximum heart rate and sampling at 5, 15 and 60 seconds, ALSO has unique Bike Functions including Speed (speed, max speed, average speed, trip distance, total distance, time & total time), Built-in Altimeter and Thermometer and additional Cadence sensor. The S710 also comes with Polar Precision Performance software, which enables data to be downloaded to PC through an Infra Red Interface - the team will be able to analyze their training data and use it to help plan their training programs

  POWERbreathe® will give them an added 'boost' to their training - a unique inspiratory muscle trainer, POWERbreathe® can improve endurance and performance. A drug free, hand held device, POWERbreathe® was designed by Sports Scientists at Birmingham University and Loughborough University and has nearly 10 years of research behind it. In research trials (Volianitis et al., 2001a), POWERbreathe® has elicited increases in time trial performance in elite cyclists and rowers of up to 4.6% - that’s gives a winning margin of more than 60m in a 2000m rowing race!

Richard Dunn, one of the GB Coxless Four Team, commented,


“We are very pleased to secure this deal with Polar and POWERbreathe® – both products play an important role in our training regime. Polar will ensure we keep our training on course and POWERbreathe® will give us an additional edge to our performance. The team’s experience of POWERbreathe® has been very positive – it plays an integral role in our training and is particularly useful as a warm-up aid - I can really notice the difference if I row without having used it to warm-up with.